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Par GoNdA
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to the servers, but loving them a lot.
A couple of questions:
- What is the max level of wild dino's on the server?
- When is the next whipe? Not too soon I hope :)


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Par Kurt Martinez

Fist of all welcome,

The maximum levels of wild dinos is 150 :D and 190 for the Wyverns .

And if I'm not mistaken there is no wipe planned, I think there is no reason to wipe :D

Traductions approximative,


Mister Martinez
Par GoNdA
Mr Martinez,

Thank you for the super fast response!

I figured that 150 was max, which is awesome.
So but how come I see dino's with level 300+?

Are they perfect tames + 50 levels or is there no maximum to how much you can level your dino?

Anyway, loving the servers, happy there's no wipe planned and I'll be back tonight! (don't raid me :( ).

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Par Gadu

When you tamed a dino perfect, it takes +50% level so a 150 dino will be 225 and it will take 71 XP levels later. So a tamed dino's level is 296 max. But if you reproduce good level dino with another good level dino, you have a chance to obtain a 225+ dino. With 71 XP level, it will be 300+


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